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About Suzuki

"Perhaps it is music that will save the world."


Pablo Casals

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


The Suzuki Method was created by the Japanese violinist Dr Shinichi Suzuki.

He was fascinated by the fact that children all over the world learn to speak their native language with ease.  He began to investigate the basic principles of the spectacular educational model of language acquisition and apply them to the learning of music (amongst other things).

He was focussed on the potential in all children and believed passionately that his method, that he called the mother-tongue approach, could help children to be raised as happy, confident, noble and fine human beings with splendid ability.

Dr Suzuki's goal was not simply to develop prodigious musicians, but rather to nurture loving human beings with splendid character, through the study of music.

His way of teaching began with the violin but has extended to include viola, cello, piano, guitar, recorder, flute and double bass.

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